2020 Annual Questers Fall Conference

2020 Annual Questers Fall Conference



2020 Clear Vision

41st Annual Questers Fall Conference







Starting September 19th 2020 and FREE for all members, CSQ presents a series of talks online from visionary leaders. Join www.questers.ca now as a contributing member envisioning the future we all want to see!!


Hon. Paul Hellyer on Broader Reality www.paulhellyer.com


Jeane Manning on New Energy www.hiddenenergy.org


Stephanie Banks  on Times Are Changing www.stephanie-banks.com


Gregg Webb on Muscle Monitoring www.gregwebb.com


Sahara Exodus on Dream a Better World www.PriestessSahara.com


Christopher Tims on The Tipping Point: Living The Supernatural Life


Vlatsy Senovsky on Dowsing