2020 Clear Vision Annual Questers Fall Conference

2020 Clear Vision Annual Questers Fall Conference



2020 Clear Vision

41st Annual Questers Fall Conference


At the Annual AGM September 10 Jacqui Rose reported that only Paul Hellyer’s Zoom presentation has been set for Saturday September 19. The other presentations will be spaced once per week over the next seven weeks. One of the speakers has yet to reply to Jacqui on this plan. Jacqui will post the dates when firmed up.






Starting September 19th 2020 and FREE for all members, CSQ presents a series of talks online from visionary leaders. Join www.questers.ca now as a contributing member envisioning the future we all want to see!!


Hon. Paul Hellyer on Broader Reality www.paulhellyer.com


Jeane Manning on New Energy www.hiddenenergy.org


Stephanie Banks  on Times Are Changing www.stephanie-banks.com


Gregg Webb on Muscle Monitoring www.gregwebb.com


Sahara Exodus on Dream a Better World www.PriestessSahara.com


Christopher Tims on The Tipping Point: Living The Supernatural Life


Vlatsy Senovsky on Dowsing

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  1. Reply Merope

    Hello: I am trying to locate the schedule for the upcoming conference. Am I missing something. It would be very helpful to plan my day(s) and times I need to be in front of the computer.
    Thanks from Merope

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