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International Dowsing Day – Japan

May 5, 6 am Eastern. 11 am UK. In English with Japanese translation

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Dowse Future Probabilities

May 7. 1:30 pm Pacific, 4:30 pm Eastern; 9:30 pm UK

Free on Zoom. Sponsored by Tucson Dowsers

International Dowsing Day – Global

May 8, noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UK

Free on the International Dowsing Day Facebook page

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Dowsing That Works / Dowsing Triage / Get Healthy with Dowsing

Dowsing That Works and Dowsing Triage are expanded versions of the print books.

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International Dowsing Day

May 8

8-9 pm UK, 3-4 pm Eastern, 1-3 pm Pacific.

Susan Collins Dowser and Grahame Gardner welcome international dowsing experts..Tune into the International Dowsing Day Facebook page to watch live for free!

International Dowsing Day Japan

May 5

Joln Nobu Kato, Susan, Grahame and other international dowsers for an English-to-Japanese event. Details here.

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US$11.99 for 30 days

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Dowsing Boot Camp 25% off in May!

Dowse for Feng Shui

Get Happy with Dowsing

The Life Cards Oracle System

Get Healthy with Dowsing

Dowse the Future

Orbs, Ghosts and Aliens

Soul Repair and Past Life Retrieval

Find and Fix Geopathic Stress

How to Dowse a Water Well


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Spring Awakening

Here’s a video of the forest coming alive after a long winter.

. Stay healthy!


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Testimonials for Workshops

“The depth and thoroughness of the investigations you have done in your protocols is a HUGE gift to students. The teaching is so clear and orderly and well-prepared it makes the material easily comprehensible. And you are very caring about your students. It’s a true privilege to take your workshops.”  Betsy, New Jersey, USA

“Thank you for a very informative course yesterday. You covered a vast amount of material in the three hours – It was most helpful and I shall go through the various worksheets again over the next few days to check that I really understand it all.”   Liz, UK

“I love your perspective you are so real and genuine and no nonsense! I love spiritual work that is practical and applicable. The course was exactly the confidence boost I needed to continue practicing and now I know exactly what direction to take.”   Stephanie, California, USA

“This context is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. The Zoom lessons are great, you get the interaction with different people (and benefit of their questions) but in the comfort of your own home. I can tell that you love teaching, it’s inspiring.  I feel like I’ve struck gold, thank you very much!   Vanessa, Alberta, Canada
Susan Collins Professional Dowser | King City, King City, Ontario L7B 1H4 Canada
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