Okanagan-North Chapter

Okanagan-North Chapter (Vernon)

Vernon Questers Meeting

10:00am PST Saturday, February 20, 2021

Virtual Room – Zoom Link




Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84726621179?pwd=YXRVc2RiSEV3YWgzQXBXYnZ5RE5Xdz09

-Click on the zoom link to join the Vernon Questers Meeting a few minutes before the meeting start time and the host will admit you into the meeting. Jacquelyn Rose will be hosting the meeting with WHITE EAGLE and there will be a chat room where anyone can ask questions.


Greetings Fellow Questers,

We realize the value of community, that we need each other. In fact, it is through the voluntary cooperation among free men and women that all progress of our species has come about.

In celebration of our inherent connection to each other, Vernon Questers is delighted to present White Eagle, Doug Gray, a spiritual counselor, consultant, dowser, international speaker, seasoned storyteller, and shamanic teacher of the Sacred Medicine.

Honoured by lifetime memberships awarded to him by both the Canadian and American Societies of Dowers, White Eagle presents frequently to teachers’ organizations, community groups and elementary, secondary and university students. In 2010 White Eagle and his wife, Fran  (Turtle Mother), traveled throughout Asia performing healing ceremonies to bring balance to the earth. Doug is a native non-denominational ordained minister. As well as performing ministerial functions, he teaches native culture and spirituality in a variety of workshop settings.

Doug’s main focus is following the spiritual laws of the shamanic ways as a guide to manifest abundance in life.

White Eagle extends his paddle inviting you  on a journey of the heart.  Walk the ancient paths of our ancestors and discover the meaning of our connectedness to the earth, to the stars and to who we are. Journey with us to your place of balance, increased awareness and awakening. Come with an open heart and an open mind. Chi Miigwetch

A replay of WHITE EAGLE presentation will be available for everyone.

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If anyone has any questions, please send an email to questers.vernon@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone and Blessings Be Yours,


The opinions offered by Questers presenters are not presumed to be the position of the Society. Each of us has the freedom and ability to self determine our own perspectives. The Society offers information and testimonies to expand and empower our personal quests for knowledge.



Usual Meeting Times: 7:00 p.m. 3rd Thursday

Location: Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living, 2913 29th Ave, Vernon, BC.

Contact: questers.vernon@gmail.com