Agreements are Spiritual

Agreements are Spiritual

Agreements are more than physical. There is a spiritual component to your word and signature. Any agreement established between two or more people is imbued with energy and becomes an operational principle. To break an agreement breaks the energy bond creating a problem which must be resolved by all parties involved.

Breaking an agreement has the same physiological effect on the body as telling a lie.

Making an agreement creates a precedent which becomes the Truth in all future interchange and exchange. Abiding by the agreement creates peace. Breaking the agreement creates conflict.

In Biblical terminology, “Giving your Word you are hung by your tongue.”

Many use the phrase, “My Word is my Bond.” Then they shake their hands sealing the agreement.

In contract law, signatures seal the deal. A signature on a document has spiritual energy involved. It hurts when a contract is broken. Restitution is sought.

Blackstone in encoding English Common Law implicitly understood that there is power in agreements and sought to frame agreements into the Laws of England. That tradition was carried over to the United States of America.

The fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence knew their signatures were sacred. Many lost their lives because of their signatures.

Currently few know that there is power in everything they do. That understanding has been removed from public discussion, yet it is the underpinning of law, commerce, politics and religion. The materialistic belief system is disconnected from the spiritual source which supports everything.

A house divided will fall.

Votes are agreements and the elected are the first to break those agreements.

Only the Truth will work in undoing all the broken agreements.



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  1. Barbara

    What a great post! Very well presented! It is hardly more than 50 years since it was widely accepted a handshake is a concrete contract. I know if I find my word is compromised, it hits hard in the gut. Words, whether stated or written, have energy. We have just entered the Decade of Harmony. Expecting more honesty in the world now!

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