Announcing the Questers Spring Conference – May 4, 5, 6 2018 in Red Deer Alberta

Announcing the Questers Spring Conference – May 4, 5, 6 2018 in Red Deer Alberta


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May 4, 5th, and 6th will be Questers… found… Flying with the Phoenix spring conference at the Baymont (formerly the Red Deer Lodge) in Red Deer Alberta. Special Questers’ rooms have been blocked off at a rate of $99 including a hot buffet breakfast, salt water pool and hot tub. Our theme this year is resonant of Carl Calleman and the Mayan Elders’ prediction that we would likely not start seeing the results of the dramatic energetic shift of 2012 for about 5 years. Will the consciousness of humanity begin visibly raising to a new global vibration this year? We’re betting YES and hosting a spring conference to help.

Although we are still working on the agenda and confirmation of presenters, this promises to again be a most inspiring gathering, including dowsing and a dowser’s journey as well as an opportunity to hear from you in a members’ discussion forum. We are delighted to present Josie Ravenwing in May, a healer, close associate and spokesperson for John of God, a famous simple channel for healing entities in Brazil. We also have Sue Paulson’s self empowerment secrets gleaned from two near death experiences as well as Cindi Johnson’s shamanic instruction on how to shift timelines in our favour.

See you in May! Happy questing my friends.


Jacquelyn Rose

Current president of the Canadian Society of Questers

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  1. Marilyn Keryluke

    I would like to become a Questers member . (I have been a member in the past). I would also like to sign up for the Spring conference in Red Deer.

  2. Judith

    Hi Marilyn, We would love for you to become a Questers Member. Memberships can be purchased for $35.00 per year from our online Store… see the menu and click on Store.

    Or, you can email our Membership Secretary at and request that she send you a membership form that you can complete and mail back. More information is available under ABOUT > Directors.

    As for the signing up for the Spring Conference, the Conference Committee is finalizing details of the conference – fees, speakers, and agenda. This should be available in the next week or so… then you will be able to sign up for the conference. Watch the blog postings for more details.

    We are all very excited about the spring conference! Blessings, Judith

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