Are Blind Springs the Source of Artesian Aquafers?

Dowsers have found Blind Springs under the entrances and altars of the cathedrals of Europe and many sacred places around the world. A Blind Spring is literally an underground fountain arising from an unknown source. There are no apparent underground streams feeding a Blind Spring and often the water rises to the surface like an artesian well. Often the water is pristine, holy.

The water appears to be generated directly from rock by some mysterious process. Many dowsers have been able ask and generate new Blind Springs. Joey Korn demonstrated the ability create new Blind Springs. He soon realized not to abuse this gift as he was altering tectonic energies and the intelligent design inside the earth.

Raymon Grace was asked to heal Indian Wells Arkansas waters. The waters had been bitter for over a hundred years. The well was on the “Trail of Tears” followed by the Cherokee who had been forced out of the Carolinas to Oklahoma. Possibly too much demand was placed on the well running the aquafer low and concentrating salts into the remaining water. Raymon worked on the well with his bobber rotating fiercely. It took a number of sessions and eventually the quality of the water improved.

Artesian basins in Texas, Libya, Queensland and Crestone Colorado are said to be waters left over from ancient times that penetrated deep underground from surface rainwaters. It is possible waters arose in situ from the rock and the process is continuous. It is possible the vast oceans of earth did not crash to earth from comets but were generated from silicates.