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Braden Karringten – Laffing Moon Qigong I, II, III, IV

Presentations Friday and Saturday   He is back again teaching us how to laugh and center, Braden has been leading practices at The Alba Healing Arts. After many years of exploration into alternative health practices in 2010 Braden came across Spring Forest Qigong.  A very simple but focused program of support for enhancing my energies.  […]

The Development of an Unconventional Belief System

Curiosity’s Reward: The Development of an Unconventional Belief System  By Arthur Roy ISBN 9781460203064 Friesen Press.  2012. Arthur Roy is a long-time member of The Canadian Society of Questers. His book has been sitting on the shelf with many others that came with the Holistic Intuition Society gift that John Living put into our care. […]