Braden Karringten – Laffing Moon Qigong I, II, III, IV

Braden Karringten – Laffing Moon Qigong I, II, III, IV

Presentations Friday and Saturday


He is back again teaching us how to laugh and center, Braden has been leading practices at The Alba Healing Arts. After many years of exploration into alternative health practices in 2010 Braden came across Spring Forest Qigong.  A very simple but focused program of support for enhancing my energies.  Since then he  has practiced and led groups on a weekly basis supporting people who were looking to balance and harmonize their lives.  During this time he studied many other forms of Qigong and in 2016 was directed to create a new style of Qigong with the focus of freedom for longevity.  Laffing Moon Qigong was born.


Braden’s Presentation:

All that exists in the Universe is energy.  When we allow and connect to these energies with Intention miraculous changes can occur. Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intentions. People of all ages practice Qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds and connect with their spirits. The 5m’s – Mindful Meditation Movements Manifesting Miracles – Laffing Moon Qigong 5m’s engage the left and right side of the brain to achieve the following:  Cleanse your cellular structure; Visualize perfection within yourself; Allow transformation to happen. Braden invites you to come and experience the fun of re-creating the new energies.

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