Category: Mindfulness

  • Winter Magic

    Each winter when the snow comes, I think about how clever Mother Earth is. She works in harmony with the seasons and by October or November, has this graceful white blanket wrapped around her. All of the Mother’s animals, seeds, trees, plants, and water may go dormant through this period of winter. We humans could…

  • Dowsing is Talking to the Universe

    What a beautiful thought!  Dowsing lets us talk to the Universe in a timeless way. In the comment section, tell your story of how you use dowsing to communicate with the All. Go in peace.

  • Just For Today, I Will….

    Here are all the phrases people use to talk about their relationship with time. Life is going by so quickly.  If only I had time, I would…. That will have to wait I am so busy, I don’t have time to… Because people are so caught up in the concept of time and the limits…