Chris Lee, HT CMH – Life in the Past Lane

Chris Lee, HT CMH – Life in the Past Lane

11:00am – 12:25 pm Saturday 5/5/18

Chris Lee was born in Canada and currently lives in Ontario.   Chris completed his Clinical Hypnotherapy [CHT] training in 1995 which only utilized current life therapy. He developed his expertise by studying the effects of past life regression with clients. As a result, this evolved into his own unique style of Past Life Regression and Progression™ therapy.

By using his enhanced technique, Chris found his effectiveness in helping his clients increased from 20% using current life to about 95% using Past Life.  Over the years, Chris has taken people from all walks of life through thousands of Past and Future Lives with wonderful results.


Chris’s style is very straightforward  does not require medication, operations or hands on healing.  Aches, pains, fears, phobias and debilitating emotions are eliminated by utilizing the memories from your subconscious, usually in one session.  You do not have to believe in past lives. This is just a healing modality!  His mantra is, “if you are not sure whether it’s your past lives or your imagination, but your life improves, then who cares”.

For the past 23 years he has been hosting his “Journey into Past Lives” and “Life in the Past Lane” Talks throughout Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and the US.  And now Mexico!  He is an author, with 3 of his six book series called, “Life in the Past Lane” which are about case histories from many of his clients’ experiences.


Chris’s Presentation : Life in the Past Lane

Chris will be providing and overview of the experiences that he has gained over the years with his clients traveling through his work in defining Life in the Past Lane.  Chris currently has 3 books out that cover many of the tips and techniques that he has discovered on this fantastic journey some of which he will be sharing in his presentation.


These are about case histories from many of his clients’ experiences.


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