Christmas Thoughts – Reflection

Christmas Thoughts – Reflection


The Angels tell us that the next several weeks is a good space of time to reflect. They even suggest that we make a list of all the important things in our life. Then make a list of the nice-to-have things. And finally, make a list of the things that are not important.

When you work on this exercise, use a journal or notebook that you can put away on your shelf and look at in February. Use your smart phone and set a date/time on your calendar to remind you to look at the list. Make a note of what has changed.

As I worked through this list, I was surprised at the things that I thought were important, and the things that I thought were nice-to-have. I realized that my values are changing over time. Perhaps it is because I have a great family and a great job. When you have good things around you, it is easier to be discerning about friends, how you spend your time, and looking at material things.

Go in Peace