Christmas Thoughts – Winter and Creativity

Christmas Thoughts – Winter and Creativity


Winter north of the 50th parallel is usually cold and very snowy. The effect of the snow and cold is to keep people more at home then out and about. When we are more still, that is, not caught up in going here and there and doing “busy” things, then we have time to expand our creativity.

Creativity requires that we have time to delve inside, to rummage through our forgotten ideas, and to visualize something different. The deeper the snow, the more we go within our mind and spiritual center.

The snow is a visual that shows us a blank slate that can be written on, painted on, built on, and expanded in many different ways. Some musicians say that they write their best songs and music through the winter.

This winter, think of something that you would like to do – to create. Take some time and roll it over in your mind. Jot down a few thoughts. Let your creativity soar.

Many blessings.