Cindi Johnston – Shifting Timelines

Cindi Johnston – Shifting Timelines

9:00– 10:25 am Saturday 5/5/18

Cindi Johnston began her intensive study of metaphysics in 1999 and by 2004 she had immersed herself into the study of “energetic light body” shamanism. In 2008 she began a decade-long journey training with Peruvian Shaman: Jose Luis Herrera. She has spent every year since sitting with Jose Luis and or the wisdom keepers of South America and Mexico learning and growing her own medicine through teachings and rites of passage via the primordial and traditional approach to shamanism. Her desired learning and embodiment of the Ancient ways has been focused on the teachings of the Altomesoyok Lineage of Peru who directly interact with mountain (Apu) and land (Santa Tierra’s) spirits of the Andes for guidance and healing powers.

Cindi is a champion instigator in the evolution of human consciousness and the human potentiality phenomena. She has enjoyed sharing her wisdom and experience through writing, lectures and workshop facilitation for the last 14 years.


Cindi’s Presentation:  Shifting Timelines

Cindi will be discussing her latest book Shifting Timelines.  She will highlight the importance of timeline management while we awaken through the current consciousness shifts that we are experiencing at this monumental time on Earth. We will partake in an exercise that will help us discern our predominant timeline influences and help give us another perspective on what we can focus on to shift our personal timelines to the most opportune experience.

Cindi’s new book can be found here http://www.shiftingtimelines.comHer business website is and some of her shamanically charged products can be found here: 


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