Conversation with Mark Siermaczeski

Mark Siermaczeski is the cartoonist who attended many Quester’s conferences



I have watched a number of Florida Marquis videos especially the US Navy collisions a few years back. The grid pattern he has shown is new to me. I have worked out other grids related to the British Colonial Empire and French Empire. This video actually follows parts of the French Colonial Empire related to Polynesia and Djibouti. Paris France is laid out on a grid pattern itself that focuses power at Versailles. The British Colonial Empire was the most extensive and dominated the globe for centuries and still dominates. It was obvious both Britain and France were following an ancient grid and the selection of colonies was done by a geomancer (John Dee?) about the time of Elizabeth I and Louis the XIV. Britain’s power is focused on the City of Westminster. Spain, Portugal, Russia and Holland also worked with what was left.


The grid I worked from was the Hot Spot grid of the seventy or so deep volcanoes. One of the surprises was that Frankfort Germany links into the Hot Spot Grid and may rest upon an ancient mega volcano like Yellowstone. Frankfort is one of the Rothschild’s financial centers. The deep volcanoes hint at the actual design of our planet. There are four Hot Spots in Polynesia and one under Djibouti.


I did not have the Google Earth aps to plot out crossing points. I used a 12 inch globe and an elastic band. I got similar understanding that an ancient grid is in operation. Other grids starting at the Great Pyramid and laid out in a regular icosahedron around the planet also comes up with interesting relationships. Most people have seen that grid. It is interesting that some of the crossing points on the grid still line up as continents have moved. Maybe the grid is constantly upgraded. That is very interesting.




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