Dave Cowan

Dave Cowan

Dave Cowan was a master dowser who quickly learned dowsing through Questers but few Questers know about him. Dave learned to dowse from Raymon Grace in May 2002. (In an earlier blog about Raymon Grace I wrote that he taught dowsing in Vernon in 2003. My wife dug through her records and found that the training was during the Victoria Day long weekend in 2002.)

Dave Cowan made the transition from novice dowser to master dowser in weeks. He had help. Dave had a QXCI health diagnostic/treatment machine. The machine developed by Bob Nelson was able to electrically scan the whole body in ten minutes. Joan and I received the QXCI treatment before Dave was trained in dowsing. A full session took two hours even though we were basically healthy. Future problems were diagnosed and mitigated using protocols Bob Nelson set up. I told Dave that the QXCI was like a medical Tricorder used by Dr. “Bones” McCoy on Star Trek. Dave agreed.

Months later Dave obtained Bob Nelson’s upgraded machine now called SCIO in Budapest Hungary. Dave became Bob’s primary SCIO trainer in America. Dave invited Joan and I to test the new machine. The computer graphics on the SCIO were better and treatment became quicker but what accelerated the treatment was Dave’s dowsing while the SCIO was in operation. Dave’s dowsing was able to winnow through gigabytes of data to get to the core issues and the machine confirmed Dave’s dowsing results immediately. Confirmation of the correctness of a dowse is important in learning dowsing and Dave was getting confirmation after confirmation using the SCIO.

Dave traveled North America training SCIO students and he taught dowsing at the same time. In Victoria BC training session he met Erina and then in March 2005 they married in Sedona Arizona. They moved to Colorado and set up training in Loveland and Boulder. There the AMA and NIH swept in and confiscated all the SCIO machines. They did not like SCIO as it cured cancer…many times. Dave still had his pendulum and continued to heal those who came to came to him. Dave was threatened with being charged of practicing medicine without a license. He and Erina continued their work through meditations and dikshas  (group sittings).

Dave died in 2018. Erina continues their work. Click on the link.