Dowsers Can Generate Water From Rock

Dowsers Can Generate Water From Rock

Dowsing Considerations Regarding Earth Generated Water


In the July-August 2021 NEXUS New Times Magazine (Volume 28 Number 4) out of Australia pp 27 to 35 the author Robert Gourley overturns the idea deep underground reservoirs of water are relics of the last ice age. He concludes the water is generated from the rocks themselves.

In Australia’s western part of the State of Queensland “The Great Artesian Basin” supplied water to the Outback sheep stations for two generations until they no longer had enough pressure to raise water to the surface. Now they are low. The theory of how the water came under pressure is that rain falling under the Queensland coast range of mountains during the last ice age accumulated in porous layers of rock up to 1000 kilometers to the west of the range and the same aquafer under the mountains placed artesian pressure on the water under the basin. Later drilling in the mountain range disproved this theory. The rising water was under pressure for another reason.

Dowsers have mapped blind springs rising underground from unknown water sources for generations. The blind springs investigated most extensively are under the Cathedrals of Europe. Usually, the Cathedrals have blind springs under the main entry doors, baptismal fonts, and main altars. As these Cathedrals were built atop ancient Isis pagan temples it is believed the blind springs date back millennia and were a type of artesian wells.

Master dowsers like Raymon Grace and Joey Korn have shown it is possible to create new blind springs where none had been before. Joey Korn teaches he can move blind springs and underground streams to different positions alleviating geopathic stress. Combining Robert Gourley’s information with dowsing wisdom it appears master dowsers can generate water from rock where no water had been witnessed before.

Robert Gourley writes about low energy nuclear reactions (LENRs) transmuting one element into another as the explanation for the generation of the water. These transmutations were catalogued by the French scientist C. Louis Kervran starting in 1935 and continuing until his retirement in 1970. Physicists and chemists have refused to consider this explanation but are slowly changing their minds.

Shamanist tradition which knows all rocks are living beings has no problem with the idea of asking rocks for water. Shamans ask Earth and Water Elementals to communicate with the rocks. The generation of water can be instantaneous as was the case with Moses striking a rock and water immediately gushing out.

Joey Korn in his dowsing classes teaches the humble attitude of asking politely for the change of movement of water. It is a sacred process. Do not abuse nature. Blind springs rising under Cathedrals appears to acknowledge the sacred nature of asking the rocks for water.

Aborigine traditions of Dream Time and walking the deserts of the Outback with few accessories and covering long distances without water bladders points to their understanding of generating water from rock. It is possible the water of the Great Artesian Basin was shamanistically generated by the Aborigine and their sacred asking for water.

At this time (August 16, 2021) the skies over British Columbia and much of North America are dark with smoke as an artificially generated high pressure ridge over the North Pacific is blocking normal rainfall. There has been little precipitation since the snows of February yet the trees on the mountain tops are stressed but still living. Is it possible the trees are asking the rocks for water and the rocks are providing water?

The Air Elementals are now pushing rain clouds through the “blob” as the meteorologists call the unusually warm air above the cool waters of the North Pacific. Humbly pray for rain and ask the rocks for water at the same time so the trees will not die and farmers in the prairies can continue to grow their grain.


Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone