Dowsing: Asking The Questions

Dowsing: Asking the Questions

Seeking answers a dowser has to ask the questions which probe into ways of thinking rarely considered. One question, “Is the earth alive?” The answer is always “YES”. Of course there are billions of people, animals and plants but is there one overall being? That answer comes up “YES” as well.

The ancient Greeks called the earth “Gaia”. Today we use the term “Mother Earth”. Astronauts state they feel the blue-green earth is a living being.

People have an aura which is subtly magnetic and has been photographed using Kirilian Photography. Is the earth’s magnetic field its living aura? The answer is “YES”. Is the magnetic field generated by the metal in the planet? The answer is “NO”. Is the size of the magnetic field of earth the same as the size of the one living being who comprises earth? “YES”. Is the living being who is the earth millions of miles in diameter? “YES”. Is the earth being aware of all life on earth? “YES”. Is this being the creator of life on earth? The dowse comes up neither “YES or NO”. Another approach is to ask the question: Are there many creators of life on earth? “YES”.

A continuation of this dowse is to ask: Is every planet and star a living being? “YES”.

Is every sunspot a living being? “YES”.

Is every atom a living being? “YES”.

Is every galaxy a living being? “YES”.

Dowsing the big questions is important. Dowsing the small questions is important too.