Dowsing Videos by Joey Korn

Dowsing Videos by Joey Korn

Jacqui Rose has asked Joey Korn if could post his dowsing instructional videos here. That means a special page would be set up with links to Joey’s website or his YouTube account. Joey accepted.

In the meantime this blog page will have a link to Joey’s home page.

From personal experience it is best to learn dowsing from at least five master dowsers. I know of only one man who became a master dowser after one training session with Raymon Grace. I will write a blog on that man, Dave Cowan, later.

From Joey Korn I learned how to use L-Rods. After Joey’s instruction I gained confidence with those tools.




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  1. Garth Glover

    I am looking for information if dowsing can find a gold ore body. I have been told if I wear a gold ring while dowsing with L Rods it will find the deposit. What hand should I wear the ring on or does it matter?

    Many techniques have been used over the centuries to find gold. There is evidence that many of the best gold finds were by dowsers in the 1849 California Gold Rush. It is interesting that the Trans America symbol is a “T” composed of two L-rods. Their famous San Francisco pyramidal sky-scraper displays the two L-rods.

    One woman found most of the precious and base metal mines in the early part of the twentieth century in British Columbia. Her name was Lalita. Mining executives would phone her and she would return their calls the next day. She did her “prospecting” from her home. Map dowsing? Psychic? She never asked for money.

    For most people dowsing is a learned art. It takes practice. It also takes time to build up confidence through a series of small successes.

    A Toronto Dowser named Alicia sells brass pendulum bobs that can be unscrewed and gold or whatever you are searching for can be placed in the bob. She has had dowsers write “gold” on a small piece of paper and place it in the bob. The note worked.

    All the master dowsers teach that it is not the tools that dowse, it is the dowser’s body, mind and soul that dowses.

    Use dowsing daily on a wide range of questions.

    Walt Woods taught us to ask three questions before dowsing. Can I dowse on this? May I dowse on this? Should I dowse on this? If you get a “no” on any of these questions leave the dowse, do something else and come back later at a different angle. Often it is your own belief system blocking the dowse.

    Dowsing is self discovery. Dowsing is a route to communication with the High Self.


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