Earth Magnetism

Earth Magnetism

Many writers write scary scenarios about the movement of the magnetic poles. The actual point where magnetic compasses point directly towards the centre of the earth is not where the strength of the of the earth’s magnetic field lies.

The geo effective magnetic poles north and south are where the Auroral Ovals show them to be.

Current Auroral Oval: North Pole

The reported north magnetic pole is between the north pole and Siberia

Credit: NOAA/Ovation


Current Auroral Oval: South Pole

The reported south magnetic pole is just off the coast of Antarctica south of Australia.

Credit: NOAA/Ovation


The magnetic ovals show how the earth is deflecting the ions streaming out from the sun.

The points where magnetic dip needles are perpendicular to the surface exert little on the

aurora borealis and aurora australis. The actual  north magnetic pole is 2500 miles under

the northern shore of Greenland. Likewise the south magnetic pole is 2500 miles under

central Antarctica very near the geographic south pole. The two auroral ovals have not

moved much over the past century. The auroral ovals demonstrate Mother Earth flexing

her muscles.


All the theories on the cause of earth magnetism are inadequate. We do not know what

is generating planetary magnetism.