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Energy – Love Force

Energy – Love Force


When you think of all of the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, snow and ice storms, monsoons, and volcanoes, do you feel that they are the most powerful force on Earth?  Most people do.  And yet, they are not continuous.  They are sporadic.  They take time to gather energy. Time to build to a crescendo.  And, yes, they do massive destruction.

These natural forces cannot rival the power of Love. We are made to be love.  Yet, we still do not understand that we can choose “love or not love”.  As we listen to the media reports of events this past year, it seems that many people choose “not love”. 

As you contemplate the upcoming year, think about choosing “love”.  Love that is unconditional and non-judgmental.  Love that is full of light and wisdom.  Love that offers peace and an acceptance of things we cannot change.

Walk in peace.


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