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Flight, Fight, and Prophecy

Flight, Fight, and Prophecy


Behaviorists tell us that for every action there is a re-action, and then the reaction becomes the action for the next re-action, and so forth. Humans are funny creatures. We are part of the natural order (nature’s order of things). However, for some reason, we believe that we are outside the rules of nature. Therefore, many times we re-act to what we think is an attack. We interpret an action as an act of aggression. Our reason or excuse for most actions is that “this person wronged me by “doing” a certain activity or by saying certain words. How many of you have witnessed a child acting out aggression because the other child “touched” them?

While many of us will fight based on an action, many of us would just as soon flee. We feel threatened by an action, and rather than fight to protect our position, we leave the area as soon as we can. There is truth in the saying “He who flees or runs away lives to fight another day”. Yes the expression is changed with poetic license, but the message is clear. So what is the right thing to do, fight or not?

The right answer would be to figure out what it is that you fear, and deal with that before you either strike out at the person you perceive is wronging you or flee, leaving the person bewildered by your sudden action. Our ego exists simply for our protection, and many times sets us up to fail by prohibiting us from moving forward and dealing with fear. The exception would be when a person is fighting in a war and taking orders to fight or retreat.

It is for that reason that many of us consult angel oracle cards. The more we know, the more we can move forward with a more expansive response than just fighting or running away. Taking an action and analyzing it helps one make better decisions and gives one a safe environment in which to try new responses.

Prophecy is a set of possibilities based on the current trend of actions and responses. The accuracy of the prophecy increases as people lose the fear around the unknown. For example, would your response to being jilted by lover change if you already knew that a more suitable lover was on the way, and that your life would be much happier if you move beyond the current love? Most people will respond, “Of course you’d be happier!”

It follows then that the sorrow and grieving that may follow a break up will be minimized dramatically, leaving the person clear to move on to other things. How many of us have carried sorrow and grief, like a boat anchor, from an action that we perceived as a “bad” thing? If this is true for relationships, would it not also be true of career, family, life purpose, and even finding hidden talent? When will you change your fight or flight response? The angels suggest that now would be a good time.

Go in peace.