Free Eckhart Tolle Webinar Nov 11th 2018 4 PM PST

Free Eckhart Tolle Webinar Nov 11th 2018 4 PM PST


Hi Friends

Reminder of  the free Eckhart Tolle webinar that’s scheduled for tomorrow, November 11th, at 4:00pm PST/7:00pm PST.

During this webinar Eckhart will expand on his teachings of presence to include the alchemical process of Awakening. He will explore how to:

  • Live fully from your “Deep I”
  • Discover the true purpose of suffering and the ego
  • Create practices to dissolve obstacles to awakening
  • Gain insights into awakening in the modern world
  • Become a bringer of consciousness into every aspect of your life

In addition to leading a meditation, Eckhart will also share a little about his newly launched School of Awakening, a six-month online program. (This is a paid program, but you’re welcome to join the webinar for free without any obligation to attend the school.)

This will be a one-time webinar with a limited number of lines, so make sure you register here:

WEBINAR: Awakening to Your Essence