Greg Webb Zoom Presentation October 6 2020 7:00 pm

Greg Webb Zoom Presentation October 6 2020 7:00 pm

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conference



Greg Webb

Greg Webb

Greg Webb, Registered Massage Therapist, in practice since 1992, is certified to instruct over 20 workshops in muscle monitoring sciences. Board member of Canadian Association of BioEnergetic wellness since 1998. Has taught at Kinesiology and Massage Association conferences in Canada and was keynote speaker at the world’s first international conference on Ear Candling held in England in 2006 where he shared many years of detailed clinic treatment research on this ancient modality and its numerous effects on the human body.

Greg has been using Touch for Health muscle monitoring in his massage therapy practice since 1992 (over 100 certificates of training). He is considered a master level wellness practitioner, having extensive experience in helping people from all walks of life with a wide range of body-mind conditions, aches and pains. His unique and extensive skill set enables him to succeed far beyond what commonly applied massage techniques can approach, including issues such as; digestive, neurological, musculo-skeletal, endocrine, emotional and energetic aspects.

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Calgary AB


Muscle Monitoring for Self and Others. Personalize Nutrition. Enhance Vitality. Calm Polyvagal Stress

The sciences of Dowsing and Muscle Monitoring complement each other very well. Muscle monitoring can be a great tool for personal or family health or an invaluable addition to any clinic practice. Muscle monitoring has been the launch pad for countless careers as well as a clinic and personal exploration tool for millions of people. I look forward to introducing you to this window on our world.

If possible, bring a friend to join you for this class so you can be guided in how to muscle test others as well

What you will learn:

  • Simple secrets to improve testing accuracy that most people miss (acts as a brain tune up too)
  • How to muscle monitor yourself and others
  • How to check foods and supplements. Personalize your nutrition vs Buy Try and Hope!
  • Easy to use self help techniques for enhanced health and vitality by improving lymphatic drainage to organs, glands and muscles
  • Polyvagal Emotional Stress Release for key emotional centers of the mind and body
  • PLUS: A Free Download of the above topics and a detailed manual from Calgary Dowsers Jan 2020 Dowsers Monthly Meeting.