Grow From The Inside Out


When we are children, our physical body and mental body development happen at a pace that is dictated by the internal genetic programming.  Someone cannot lean over the child and say, “Grow”, and have the child grow on demand. 

Growth is a process, whether the growth is to cause the body to grow or to cause the mental capacity to grow.  Awareness, intuition, and spirituality are all abilities that also need to grow from the inside out.  Yes, you can have all sorts of teachers that tell you how to do “something”.  However, you will not be able to “do” the “something” until you have grown into it.

Physical growth needs to be nourished with food and water.  Mental development needs to be nourished with the constant influx of new ideas and ways of thinking and that is why we have schools.  Spirituality is nourished externally by religion and belief systems. 

The systems of growth are flawed because they rely on an external stimulus.  What if you could listen to your body tell you exactly what type of food your unique body needs instead of listening to a someone spout about a food guide for what you need for your body?  Would you be healthier? Would you avoid the prepackaged foods that business and government has been telling us for years is good for our health?

For the next seven days, listen to your body… your inner knowing… and write down what you hear.  Is it consistent?  Does the information resonate with you?  Do you feel a sense of relief?

Walk in peace.




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