Happy February 1 2018

Happy February 1 2018


Welcome to February 2018!  We invite you to cruise through the month to pick up steam to get to Spring, arriving in March.  As you move through the days, remember all of the things to celebrate – Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Family Day.

It’s a great month for cross country skiing, downhill skiing or snowboarding, and ice climbing or just good old hiking.  Outdoors is where it is at in February.

February is also a good time to practice one minute and five minute meditations.  These short, brilliant meditations will help you clear away the winter hibernation energy that has been slowing you down.

For the very energetic, it is a great time to get on the treadmill or stationary bike, and get the body in shape for spring and summer.

Happy February everyone!

Go in peace.