Info From Jacqui Rose Regarding Zoom Presentations

Info From Jacqui Rose Regarding Zoom Presentations <>
Bonus Fall Conference Speaker Evelyn Mulders!
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August 1, 2020

Fellow Questers,


Please join CSQ online on Tuesday, August 4th at 7pm to hear from Sound Essence creator Evelyn Mulders. Go to The security/access code you type in is: 896 8145 2190. Details from Evelyn below!

This is a practice run for streaming our 2020 Clear Vision fall conference with Hon. Paul Hellyer, Jeane Manning, Stephanie Banks and more. Please renew your membership if it has expired. We no longer have auto-renew features so you must do it manually. Remember, this year’s conference is free to all CSQ members. Spread the word!


Jacquelyn Rose


Sacred Geometry in the Auric FieldSacred Geometry is a way light information is filtered through our energy body offering vibrational healing, spiritual support and consciousness shift.

Light information is received by the auric field bands through pictures of shape; Sacred Geometry.

The study of Sacred Geometry is comprehensive, but fascinating as one starts to connect the dots. The insights gained by awareness of the sacred geometry symbols offer deep connection with our spiritual self. All the universal geometries shaping our existence are reflected in our energy field at all times. Every shape offered by the universe creates an impression on the auric field, representing the hologram; every part being a part of the whole.

To separate and individualize the various geometric patterns may appear rudimentary, however, it offers a stage for grasping the grand staging of numbers and shapes in nature.

Join Evelyn Mulders for a 1 hour presentation plus Q&A on Numbers and Sacred Geometry and their relationship with the seven bands of the Auric Field.

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