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I am so pleased to announce that effective immediately, our very own Board Member, Glen Livingstone, will be taking over the duties of blog master.  You will see a few more of my blogs that will appear until the end of June.  After that, Glen will be peppering us with new blogs, thoughts, and ideas.

Here is Glen’s first blog posting.  

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Book Review: “America Before” The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock

I have been a fan of Graham Hancock for years. I believe he is one of the best researchers on suppressed prehistory. “Fingerprints of the Gods” twenty-five years ago asked all the questions regarding megalithic structures buried and submerged world-wide and whether they are evidence of Atlantis. He pushed with the help of Robert M. Schoch Ph.D. Geology to re-date The Sphinx from 2500 BC to over 12,000 BC. Since then more and more evidence of of the antiquity advanced civilizations has come forward. In his latest book “America Before” he lists many of the ancient monuments in America some dating back to 130,000 years ago totally debunking the academics who refuse to believe man was in the Americas before 15,000 years ago.
Graham Hancock presented at Questers Fall Conference at the Prestige Inn Salmon Arm six years ago on his Ayahuasca experiences in Peru as well as his upcoming work on “Magicians of The Gods” which presented the evidence of the comet strikes 12,000 years ago on ice covered North America at the time of the disappearance of Atlantis. Interestingly he was looking at evidence of huge outpourings of glacial melt-water that scarred the Columbia River Valley in Washington State south of Grand Coulee Dam. That comet strike would have been somewhere near the Arrow Lakes not far from Salmon Arm.
The hard cover book is out and selling well so the soft cover should be out within a year.