Isabel Stadnicki

Isabel Stadnicki


Isabel Stadnicki

Isabel Stadnicki is a dowser who used her pendulum for healing. She worked as an Registered Nurse in the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops after WWII. Somehow she gained the trust of one of the physicians she worked under and provided him with accurate diagnosis of the incoming patients.

The physician would look at the patient and not see the problem. He would whisper to Isabel that he needed help and she would go into a nearby vacant room and pull out her pendulum. A few minutes later Isabel would whisper to the doctor what she uncovered. The doctor would continue the examination following the guidance from Isabel and then prescribe the best treatment for that condition.

The doctor gained a considerable reputation for correct diagnosis and treatments. RNs at that time were not allowed to diagnose. Isabel had to remain quiet about what she was doing. Likewise the doctor had to protect Isabel as well as himself from those who would dismiss dowsing as nonsense. It has improved a bit since 1945 but still there is institutional opposition to alternate medical practices.

Another place where she was exposed to criticism was in Vernon where she recognized that dyslexia could be cured using colour therapy. She was helping an elementary teacher with first and second grade students who were having trouble reading.

Isabel was guided by her pendulum to see there were developmental abnormalities in the brains of the children. She when would then dowse over a diagram of the brain and determine which part of the brain was delayed in development. Then she would dowse which colour could be used to heal the brain. She then found tinted glass and told the child to look through the glass for twenty minutes or so each day. Within a short while the child was reading normally.

The colour therapy worked on all who used it. The Vernon class of slow learners soon was ahead of the other classes in their age group. The other teachers complained and then authorities in the school moved to stop the practice and forbid the teacher from using Isabel’s services.

Isabel continued to use colour therapy to great success to this day. She is alive and well living in Sicamous BC.

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