June 30, 2024, Raymon Grace Newsletter

June 30 Newsletter

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A Note From AprilHello Friends,As time goes on and I am taking on more tasks I am in turn receiving more emails. I wanted to make a quick note. While I try my best to respond quickly I am not at my computer 24/7. I do have a family, home and small business to run. I try not to work on the weekends (although I find myself catching up then if the week has been busy). Like today…
When emailing me about class registration – as soon as I see your inquiry I will send you the information. Sending me multiple emails asking if I’ve received your note will only delay things. I do miss things occasionally so if it has been a week please do check back.Please do follow the directions on class registration. If you email me once to ask about a class and then I don’t hear back from you I will not be saving you a space. You must confirm BEFORE sending your check. Asking in April about a class in July and then not confirming and sending your check a week prior to the class will not guarantee you a spot. It is first come first serve. Classes fill up quickly and it is based on who sent in their deposit check first.We have a limited number of seats in each class so if it says full…it is full please inquire about the next open class.Also – include your first and last name!
When emailing about energy clearingsIf you need to cancel or change your subscription please make sure to include the name and email address it is listed under. When “Sally Smith” emails to cancel her subscription but it’s actually under the name “Jane Johnson” with two different email address it takes a long time to figure out what’s going on. Please provide the needed information so I can assist you as quickly as possible.If you are signed up using a PayPal account you should be able to cancel or update yourself… if you used a credit card then I will need to cancel for you. Just send me a note.
As I said I try to assist people as quickly as possible… doing these the things above when sending emails will help me do so.
Wishing you all a very happy July.April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation A Note From Raymon
Howdy Folks,Some folks are confused~~ so let me help you.You are sending too many emails to Nancy and April and they forward them on to me. This takes time.Also, don’t ask them questions to be answered by me. Nancy handles sales and April handles the newsletter, energy clearing registration and scheduling my classes. If you want to send me an email ~send it to raymon@raymongrace.us  Simple enough.If you purchase something on one of our websites and want to change it or have questions about it, be sure to go back to the same website to get an email address for the right person. April does registration for the energy clearing and classes. Nancy answers questions about orders. This is two separate websites. Also, have stopped answering email from those who do not have the common sense to sign their name~~as well as those who ‘have a dear friend’ whom they want me to do a miracle healing without the ‘dear friend’ making any move to help themselves.
I still like to help people but am cutting back on answering un~intelligent emails. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the past 5 months have been working for a Naturopath Doctor and we have been having good success.
Last week he mentioned his eyesight was failing since he had moved to the farm where he grew up. This made no sense to me.
He proceeded to tell me about an older woman who had lived there for years and he continued to let her live there rent free until she died.I wondered if her spirit was still on the land and my dowsing confirmed it was and she was ready to leave but apparently didn’t know how.As an act of kindness, I removed her spirit from the land and sent her to another dimension. IMMEDIATELY the doctor started seeing small animals and birds along the creek and could see the small branches of trees. He was EXCITED.So why did removing the spirit of the woman improve his eyesight?I don’t know but the energy on the farm raised considerably. This is to be expected any time spirits are removed from land or houses.With several years experience, have noticed that many ‘spiritual leaders’ and followers live in haunted houses.Some offer ’spiritual retreats’ or pilgrimages to ‘spiritual places’.This seems to be true as I checked some of them and the places were possessed. Can’t accuse them of false advertising.Be careful, it can get dangerous out there.RaymonClass CalendarJuly 20-21 – Abingdon VA – FULL
August 17-18 – Abingdon, VA – FULL
September 7-8 – Orange VA -Contact Naomi Eaton at nteaton@verizon.net or 757-288-6328 to register **For Orange VA Class Only**
September 28-19 – Fairfield, PA – Full
October 19-20 Abingdon, VA
To register for Abingdon, VA classes email April at april@raymongracefoundation.orgStay up to date with class dates at Raymon’s website.

Raymon’s WebsiteComments From Our Friends Around the WorldWe live on 20 acres on a hillside in Vermont. In October 2023, our well water tested positive for coliform bacteria. We did nothing to remedy the problem, except sign up for Raymon’s clearing package in January 2024.I had it re-tested last week (May 2024) and got the results today. According to the State of Vermont, our water is now free of coliform bacteria.Hi RaymonI followed the process you gave in a recent newsletter regarding dowsing & cancer. Both my husband and I did the process on behalf of our daughter who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am happy to report she is 100% cancer free. The doctors have no explanation. She had not started any cancer treatments. The only thing we did was use your protocol from the newsletter. Thank you S. & B.
Raymon Grace FoundationSo many parents have asked me to work on kids with ADD and behavior problems. Have helped a few but really don’t know much about this and also overwhelmed with requests.
My friend Lisa Gale told me she was having good success with similar cases and agreed to consider requests from you folks dealing with this problem.Here is her contact information.
Lisa Gale works in the field of education using dowsing and other tools to help transform the energy of schools, parents, teachers, and kids. With a background in education, dowsing, and shamanism, she helps neurodiverse kids and their parents feel calmer and more and integrated. She can be contacted at lisaisabellagale@gmail.com.
 I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY? Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.
Clinch Mountain HempMy friend Lori is trained as an herbalist and holistic health practitioner and would be well suited to helping with some of your concerns and offering help as needed.Herbal Education, Retreats & Wellness Consultations in the Herbalist TraditionAppalachian Teas & BotanicalsSummer
Raymon Grace Foundation | 29501 North Fork River Road | Saltville, VA 24370 US






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