Malcolm Stewarts New Book

Malcolm Stewart Presented at a CSQ Fall Conference in Harrison Hot Springs then a weekend Seminar in Salmon Arm. (2007?) This is the email Isabel Sinclair received asking for her help in putting together an interview video on Sacred Geometry with Malcolm. Inner Traditions is one of the biggest New Age publishers. Good sales Malcolm.

Dearest Issi,

I hope you get this and are well. Following the email catch-up from me this is more about Malcolm’s book Sacred Geometry and the Starcut Diagram. It is really the job of Inner traditions to do the promotion but they have asked us to do what we can and contact our friends etc

With this in mind I have set up a new email address Martha has set up an Instagram page and we have as Malcolms web site. With the help of Jamila, a friend I am trying to manage these. I have also set up an Amazon Authors page but nor sure if this only applies to and misses the US etc. market? Please could you let me know if this is the case?

I believe that Inner Traditions (IT) have promo copies of the book so if you know of anyone who would like to interview Malcolm (he could do this )or write a review on it please could you contact or let me know if you have any ideas. I’m not sure the best way of promoting it into the Arica family. And do you still have any contacts into the group that Malcolm lectured to in Canada?

Below is some of the promo material.

THKR Love Nora xx

In Sacred Geometry of the Starcut Diagram: The Genesis of Number, Proportion, and Cosmology, author Malcolm Stewart reveals how the Starcut diagram underlies patterns around the world in architecture, art, mathematics, music, and spiritual traditions. Would you consider reviewing this book in your publication? Unique excerpts are also available by request. We feel your readers will appreciate this full-color, hardcover book that shows how the Starcut diagram was the key to the building of humanity’s first cities and how it underlies many significant patterns and proportions around the world.

The excerpt and press kit materials (Galley PDF, too) can be downloaded from the following dropbox press kit link. Review copies are available by request.