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My Experience with "I am Abundant" Spray by Vibemamas

My Experience with "I am Abundant" Spray by Vibemamas


We Questers were lucky to have Cindi Johnston as one of our speakers at the Spring Conference in Red Deer.  Cindi shifted the energy for many of us with her honest discussion of her experiences, and with her mystical meditation.  Cindi had a booth in the market area.  One of the products that she was selling was Soul Sprays, a product of Vibemamas.  You can check out the sprays on their website

I purchased the “I am Abundant” spray because it seemed to shine and draw my attention.  I was curious to see if and how it would influence my life in the direction of abundance.  I started using it on May 6th. Each night, before I go to sleep, I spray myself with some “I am Abundant” mist.  And, I go to sleep.

I did not notice much difference in abundance the first week that I was using the spray, and, believe me, I was watching for any signs.  However, in the second week and thereafter, I am noticing many small things around abundance.   Here is a short list:

  • I purchased $5 tickets for our Social Club 50/50 draw every Thursday, and for the next three weeks, I won my $5 back
  • I won a sleeve of golf balls in the gadget draw the second week of May
  • I found several unexpected amounts of money – $5, $10, and $20 bills in odd places like the small park beside our office, in an old jacket, and at the bottom of a drawer
  • I purchased five t-shirts and ended up having enough points and coupons so that I paid no actual cash for them
  • I was gifted a new wallet that I had been eyeing for a month or so
  • I was gifted with a Blue Buddha Tibetan singing bowl
  • I found seeds that I had been looking for

The list is ever growing.  I am grateful for the abundance that seems to have expanded in my life.  It seems to me that the “I am Abundant” spray had a wonderful influence on my life through the last several weeks.

So, if you are curious about this soul spray, or any of the other sprays that are available on the Vibemamas site, go ahead and purchase them.  A list of stores that the sprays are available from is available on the web site.  And, if you do use the sprays, send in your experience.  Address it to

Walk in peace.