My Goran’s Healing Experience By Fred Greef

My Goran’s Healing Experience By Fred Greef


In mid February, Jacquelyn Rose, current Questers President,  asked all participants in Goran’s hands on healing post-conference workshop at the Fall Conference 2017, to share any notable or dramatic benefits you received from his transmissions?

For those of you that didn’t attend, here is what was scheduled to happen in the workshop on Sunday afternoon.


Demonstration of some of the Goran’s unique healing techniques; Learning and experiencing power of energy healing and power of self-healing; Sharing some of Goran’s own healing experiences. Sharing the  ancient secrets and wisdom from the powerful Toltec tradition. Powerful group meditation. Through this meditation and with Goran’s energy support people will also experience a higher state of consciousness, creating a safe, calm and beautiful space within.

In addition, everyone will receive a powerful healing session from Goran. This workshop will also benefit anyone who is experiencing chronic pain or illness.

The responses to Jacqui’s request are now starting to come in.  Our first responder about his healing experience is Fred Greef.  Thank you, Fred, for sharing your experience.  Here is his story.

My Goran’s Healing Experience

imageI got immense bliss and laughter while driving home to Olympia, Washington the day after Goran’s healing session. I could not stop laughing for first half of the drive. The intense laughter was very emotionally healing. I got inspiration to send love to all the water, snow, people, and vehicles and human structures that I saw while driving home, as well as to all trees and plants and animals. I mentally used my sacred blue water to send the love, and mentally put my sacred water in all the waterbodies, streams and snow that I saw.

After most laughter had passed, it still revved up again (big time) whenever I saw water or snow and sent the love and sacred blue water to it. I still get an intense rush of bliss from mentally healing (sending love and my sacred blue water to) water and snow, whenever I see any while driving anywhere.

I am very grateful and blessed to have met Goran and received his help.

Peace and Bliss,