Notes on the 100 Mile House 2018 Fall Conference – Cariboo Paracon

Notes on the 100 Mile House 2018 Fall Conference – Cariboo Paracon


The conference is over, and this blog is a compilation of notes about the fall conference which Questers sponsored with Spaced Out Radio.

The Setting

Spruce Hill Resort is a beautiful spot, located at 108 Mile House, with rooms and chalets available. For those that are exercise enthusiasts, outdoors, there are miles of trails for hiking or horseback riding. And indoors, there is a good size pool, hot tubs, sauna, and exercise room. The meal tickets for the conference provided great value even if just for the marvelous desserts that accompanied lunch and dinner. The quiet at night is unbelievable. For night sky watchers, the night sky perfectly shows off the Milky Way, satellites and shooting stars.

Friday – Day One

Just after registration Tyhson Bannigan conducted a workshop session on dowsing for beginners as well as some tricks for clearing and healing. Tyhson hid some orgonite figures around the grounds so that people could dowse to find them.   The formal opening did not start until 2 PM. The MC role was shared by Roger Joyeux and Dave Scott. Roger handled the Quester side of the program while Dave introduced some of the speakers associated with his Spaced Out Radio Show. The opening ceremony featured John Archie of the Camden Lake Reservation who offered a welcome, a story and two songs. The conference was underway. Eric Cooper’s presentation on the paranormal was the kickoff for more paranormal presentations, and a good segue into the featured evening speaker, Lorien Fenton who talked about her experience with Super Soldiers and disclosure. image  A hardy group willing to brave the cold then left for the ghost walk at 108 Mile House Heritage site, three miles up the road and were able to hear some interaction with the ghosts, especially the children in the Old School House.

Saturday – Day Two

Friday morning started with a thought provoking presentation by Paisley Town who told us about

her story and how she moved into becoming a psychic, numerologist, and psychometrist.  She shared some ideas about how our names and our birth dates need to be in balance and gave some examples of why people change their name.  Dave Scott led a discussion about ghostly experiences at 108 Mile House and asked those that were on the ghost walk to share their stories from the previous night. The afternoon presentation on haunted toys by the team of David Weatherly and Ross Allison provided a new perspective on becoming too attached to toys. The day wrapped up imagewith an awesome presentation by our featured speaker, Grant Cameron, world lecturer on the phenomenon of UFO’s, UFO coverups, abductions, and the message for Earth.  One of the themes that Grant covered was that aliens/UFOs are here to raise consciousness on Earth.  To discover his other themes, I suggest reading his books.  The night concluded with a Sky Watch with Michael W. Hall, and then fun and fellowship in the hospitality room.

Sunday – Day Three

imageThe final day of the conference began with a presentation full of information on health and healing one’s self from Joe Amaral of Williams Lake.  His presentation called “Healing Your Body Pain” resonated with everyone, especially when he talked about how Type O blood types need to eat meat while other blood types can eat vegetarian. The morning presentations ended with “The Media’s Role in Disclosure” by Dave Scott who talked about the media’s inattention to UFOs for many years although that is starting to change.  The closing ceremony featured a thank you from Jacqui Rose, Quester’s President, closing comments and a song from John Archie, and a wonderful Huna healing circle led by Theo Bromley. Those that were leaving shared hugs and farewells with friends (the snow had started to fly) while those that stayed prepared for the afternoon post conference  workshops with- Paisley Town, Ross Allison, Joe Amaral and Eric Cooper. 

The conference covered a wide range of topics that worked to please the questing mind.  The days went quickly by and everyone went to bed tired and with a head full of new ideas and thoughts from different presenters and participants.  The prize table raffle and quilt raffle (quilt donated by Susan Ayers) raised needed funds for the Scholarship Program, as well as providing some fun as prize winners searched for the winning tickets. 

And now, we get ready for the next conference!

Submitted by Judith Hirst,