Richard Coutts

Richard Coutts

Richard Coutts from Calgary Alberta was a gifted dowser. I heard stories of the many people he had helped. His job in a senior’s residence gave him many opportunities to help and to heal others. I was not able to attend any of his presentations as most of his teaching was prior to 2003. What I was able to witness was his friendship with Isabel Stadnicki during a trip to 100 Mile House a year before he died.

Richard was the one who would drive Isabel to Quester’s Conferences. He would drive from Calgary to Sicamous to pick up Isabel and take her wherever she needed to go. I was lucky to catch a ride in the back jump seat of Richard’s small pick-up truck and listen to their conversation about people and events related to healing work they had done separately and together.

During the four hour trip Richard would take his right hand off the steering wheel and make a small clockwise circular motion with his hand. During the trip he did that dozens of times. He was performing a healing. My feeling was as if St. Francis of Assisi was blessing a small bird that alit onto his sleeve. Isabel would look his way and nod in agreement. Was he also preventing accidents on the highway? Was he evening out the ragged energies of ley lines crossed? Whatever he was doing felt sacred.

At one point travelling north from Kamloops on Highway 5, I mentioned to Isabel that the blue glass she had dowsed for me was working and reading was easier and I was stuttering less. Her colour therapy was working. That caught Richard’s attention and he asked a bunch of questions about this problem.

At Little Fort Richard stopped at a convenience store and both Richard and Isabel pulled out their pendulum and worked on a further healing. It was as if they were rewiring my brain. It was a strong healing. The next hour and half to 100 Mile House I was quiet as Richard continued blessing the road or whatever he was blessing.

When I heard that Richard had died my first though was that he had removed all his karma and ascended. Maybe he had ascended.




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