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Sacred Simplicity and Presence

Sacred Simplicity and Presence

by Cindi Johnston

Cindi will be presenting at the CSQ Spring Conference in Red Deer, Alberta.

I am just settling back into life after spending five weeks in South America. Two of those weeks were spent sitting in sacred dialogues with the traditional shaman of Peru. I always learn a great deal listening and absorbing their unique and timely teachings. Then I come back to my life and try to assimilate in someway what I have learned. This time a clear message came to me after being in Peru that now has me tending to my own assimilation back in Canada in a different way. My new focus is on holding presence, gentleness, simplicity and honouring what I feel intuitively and making course corrections when necessary.

When you sit and listen to the aboriginal medicine elders you realize they live simply.  Their medicine weaves into their lives in a very easy way. One of the shamans, Don Illario works as a weaver and a teacher of the weaving tradition and he also provides healings via plant medicine cleansings referred to as Limpia. The other shaman Donja Bernadina, she works on her land and creates her own textiles, while she provides healing support for her people and village mostly through soul retrieval. Adrial, he is a farmer raising guinea pigs and growing fruit but he is the most amazing tracker and visionary of the future. He always reads the coca leaves proficiently. The Shipibo elders, Don Francisco and Don Marcella run medicine retreats in the Amazon and provide healing support for their village people via the Amazonian plant medicines. People seek them out to help heal serious illness. Regardless of their individual stories and what they do to make a living, their medicine weaves simply back into their lives without question or resistance.

I was not born in Peru, I was born in Calgary, Alberta. I realize what I learn in South America may not always be directly relatable in our cosmovision here in Canada but the essence of the learnings always has merit. I believe our very modern busy North American world provides a different landscape of reaction than what we might experience in South America. I see people in South America live a slower paced life and they seem happier. Most strangers wish you a good day by nodding and saying; “Buenos Dias” as you pass them in the street. They are friendly and very helpful 95% of the time. Their pursuits seem to be focused on family and enjoyment rather than success and career. Of course, these are general statements that may not always be accurate but the theme of South Americans “being easier and gentler with life” has been an observation I have made over the last ten years that I have traveled there.

What I have witnessed here in North America is many people are living to survive. I see their days filled with things they have to do rather than enjoying time doing what they like to do. I think we are often living in the past or anticipating our future, preparing our reactions to experiences that have yet to come. We often appear to be two steps behind or two steps in front of the current moment. I see this pattern of NON-PRESENCE often which keeps many people overtly busy and overly ‘overreactive’. I often wonder are we making enough time for ourselves and our spiritual health and general well-beingness here in Canada? My sense is the answer is “no” and this is when it seems a crisis is ripe for the happening. Don Manuel Quispe and elder of the Qero’ Nation who was my Peruvian mentor’s teacher suggested North America as a whole could use SOUL RETRIEVAL to assist with bringing us back online with our spirit.

This current shift of ages is pushing us energetically to evolve and people-in-general have little energy to expend on their consciousness evolution because they are so consumed by their day to day demands. I ask my higher wisdom how we can shift back to a happier life as a collective and what can we as awakened beings do to improve things for ourselves, our loved ones and those we serve? The intuitive message I get since returning from the South is we must practice PRESENCE ourselves as often as possible. Then we can be the pebble in the almighty pond to “BE the change that we seek”. Through our own examples, or even the sharing of gentle words, or an exchange of kindness because we are present, we can help the overwhelmed by sharing SOUL quality energy. When we ‘BE’ present and we hold that high vibration for just a minute for ourselves and others, then life stops rolling so fast and that is when miracles can happen. I think this is an answer to healing our collective dis-ease and unconsciousness and shifting our lives out of “overwhelm”. I sense, the more people who can practice this “soul broadcast” the healthier the collective will become.

My assimilation since returning home has been to switch my life from AUTO PILOT to running a MANUAL program that I am spiritually managing and it feels pretty darn good. It’s not always easy because I have to be in my body most of the time and paying attention. Sometimes I notice uncomfortable feelings as I witness disharmony of my reality that I have ignored in the past, which now is becoming more obvious because life is really REAL when you are in the present moment. However, I have noticed that most of the time when I am present with my soul, there isn’t a better feeling in the world and life truly unfolds with much more ease. I have realized since returning, a little drop of that kinda cosmic energy can upgrade my world one drop at a time. The medicine people are the most REAL and PRESENT people I have ever sat with and that is why I think I feel so good in their presence. I have much to learn, but I am getting it and it’s a pretty sweet journey because I am getting it one idea at a time.

May you all be blessed with PRESENCE in your life and enjoy the sweetness it provides.

Cindi Johnston is a Canadian thought leader, educator, and author who teaches Earth-based alchemical practices.

With 18 years of extensive training and experience with Shamanic tradition, Cindi has sat with spiritual leaders in Peru, Mexico, and other Indigenous communities who have shared their wisdom with her.  Those spiritual leaders have invited her to be their voice in sharing ancient teachings with the modern world.