Sahara Exodus Zoom Conference Speaker Sept 29 2020 7:00 pm

Sahara Exodus Zoom Conference Speaker Sept 29 2020 7:00 pm

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conferenc

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2020 Clear Vision schedule and speaker information.


Tuesday September 29th   7pm pst Sahara Exodus – Dream a Better World


All members will be emailed a unique pass code for each talk from

You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat. Our president Jacquelyn Rose will host each presentation. She will field questions to the speaker periodically throughout their presentations. All presentations will be recorded and a replay link will be emailed to members.

Anyone with an inquiring mind and tolerance for differing perspectives is welcome to join the Canadian Society of Questers. This years’ online fall conference is free for all members.

The Questers Open Forum is an opportunity for members to speak, to share ideas and opinions that will help further the objectives of the Society.

The Canadian Society of Questers is a vibrant global society that preserves, practices and shares dowsing and ancient wisdoms for the wellness of all.


Sahara Exodus

Sahara Exodus

Sahara Exodus is an ordained Shamanic Priestess specializing in loving and compassionate services for the heart, soul, mind and body. Her quest is to harmonize beauty and the beast within and without, through acceptance and trans-personal love.

For twenty-five years, Sahara has offered intuitive readings to corporate gatherings, high schools, various special events, and counseling in private sessions. Currently she is available for online consultations through Zoom or Skype.

1) Spiritual Experience Process ~ Deciphering and processing your visions, dreams, insights, meditations, prayers, coincidences, existential insights, intense emotions, synchronicity and near death experiences.

2) Conscious Rebel Mentoring ~ For Activists, Healers, Artists and Inventors! Get support for your vision or current project to help bring in a paradigm shift for this ‘Great Awakening’.   

Priestess Sahara creates Youtube Videos in her spare time, to offer inspiration. Please join her newsletter for updates!

Sahara is passionate about examining harmony to help heal the imbalance in our world. She celebrates the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine and is a shamanic guide to experience life force energy through Divine Grace.