Sandee Mac

Sandee Mac

Sandee Mac spoke at 2014 Agassiz Fall Conference and the following Spring Conference in Olds College. Both presentations were wide ranging covering almost every aspect of dowsing. Her Beginning and Intermediate Dowsing Classes quickly became Advanced Dowsing Classes. She has done everything including being a past president of the American Society of Dowsers. In Agassiz her bio included many connections to Canada and especially Ontario. She feels at home in Canada.

What comes through in her lectures is her seriousness, concern and caring. What she wants is for everyone to awaken into themselves and dowsing is the route she knows facilitating that breakthrough.

Sandee’s presentation in Olds College  taught us to group dowse past lives. She set up dowsing threesomes where one person would be the target to discover their past lifetime trauma affecting them in this incarnation. I was teamed up with a Dutch woman and Ivan McBeth. First target was the Dutch woman with Ivan asking the questions for me the dowser . We discovered her trauma was from centuries ago regarding the burning of witches. She had and still has spiritual abilities and the ancient false charges were preventing her from developing them in this incarnation.

Next was Ivan McBeth. As the Dutch woman was not comfortable dowsing I continued with L-rods. We located the place where Ivan’s trauma happened-southern Siberia. Next we determined the time as circa 1000 BC. Then we asked the age at which his trauma happened. Less 50 years old? NO from the L-rods. Less than 100 years old? NO from the L-rods. Less than 200 years old? NO from the rods. Less than 300 years old? NO!  Less than 400 years old? YES! Was the trauma Ivan’s death? YES! Was he killed by someone Ivan knew? YES!

Sandee Mac at this point asked for everyone to gather ending the past life session. I was still buzzing with questions for Ivan and then pictures started downloading into my mind of Ivan dressed as a Siberian elder shaman.  Shaman is a Siberian word. Then I saw the betrayal of Ivan by a former student who wanted to be a shaman but did not have the ability. It was similar to the death of Pythagoras by a tyrant who was a former failed  student. Often I experience psychic downloads during dowsing. I turned to Ivan and said, “You really ARE a Master!”

Sandee then did a ten minute exercise in relaxation and quiet. She was moving around the class with her pendulum circling counter clockwise to clear the room and then clockwise to restore the space. She must have felt a need to ‘muck out the stall’ as Olds is an agricultural college.


From Lone Star Dowsing website:

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