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Sarah Salter Kelly

Sarah Salter Kelly

Sarah Salter Kelly is a writer, healer, spiritual teacher and shamaness extraordinaire with a private practice in Edmonton and Pigeon Lake, Alberta. She is adept at supporting people in healing trauma and creating restorative practices for their day-to-day lives. She has been teaching modern day Shamanism for over 13 years offering training for personal healing and practitioner based modalities. As a public speaker she has presented all across Alberta at Women’s Conferences, First Nations Organizations, the Women’s Prison, and Health & Wellness events, sharing her story of healing homicide and reconciling with the family of the man who murdered her mother. For more information go to her website:

Sarah’s Talk: “Modern day Shaman”
This talk is about POWER. Power with a capital ‘P,’ and the need for us to step into our Power to generate transformation – be that within ourselves or on our planet. The time has come, to awaken our hearts and become the Healers, Medicine People and Leaders of this New Age. Modern day shamanism is for the activist within, for those of us who have the courage to heal ourselves and show up in community – being the change we want to see. This revolutionary presentation takes purpose to a new level, igniting the three ‘A’s of a healthy shamanic practice: Autonomy, Authority and Authenticity.

Sunday Workshop – Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval is the ancient art of calling home the lost parts of our Soul. Through grief, trauma or simply the experience of being human we become fragmented and incapable of living as whole-hearted human beings. In this one of kind workshop, Sarah leads you into the underworld to identify the soul pieces which have been neglected, abandoned or denied. Then with love, compassion and a little grace you are guided through a ritual to call these parts of yourself home.

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