Sound Essence by Evelyn Mulders

The Essence of Sound by Evelyn Mulders


Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing for the Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields, and Figure Eight Energies.


Evelyn Mulders has been part of Questers for twenty years and using Kinesiology in Healing in a variety of modalities. She did a Zoom presentation in 2020 for The Canadian Society of Questers on Sound Essence.


Sound Essence is a Shamanic Journey undertaken by Evelyn to bring all healing modalities together through muscles testing, dowsing and psychic insights.


At this time, a lot of designing is Computer Assisted Design (CAD). Evelyn has gone a step further using all facilities of Consciousness Assisted Design using Quantum Computing of the body/mind and Photonic Computing of the soul/spirit. This far deeper than binary code on silicon chips of mathematical models of life processes. This Life itself to help life and health in people. Sound Essence is full spectrum holistic healing not a narrow reductionist treatment.


Medical Disclaimer: Sound Essence and its products are not intended as a substitute for medical recommendations from physicians and other health-care providers. Rather it is intended to offer information to assist the user to participate and co-operate with physicians and health professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.


Evelyn uses sound, fragrance, crystals, sacred geometry, and focused intent into water bringing everything together for a healthy effect. Many hours of muscle testing with many different people were used to develop Sound Essences.


The human body is not just a physical chemical storehouse. It is a projection of higher consciousness through many bodies inter-nesting to work within physicality. This is the Shamanic model or Matryoshka model of blended energies, substances and consciousnesses.

Congratulations to Evelyn.





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