Spirit Animal–Blue Jay

Spirit Animal–Blue Jay


This winter, the Blue Jays have been hanging out in our back yard, teasing our dog, and stealing all the peanuts and sunflower seeds they can from the seeds I put out for the birds and the squirrels.  Our birds are wonderfully colorful and noisy!  It made me think of a blog that I wrote ten years ago.  I hope that you enjoy it.


Spirit Animal – Blue Jay

The Blue Jay wears the many colours of Father Sky.  Although, Blue Jay is native to most of North America, one may go years without seeing Blue Jay, almost the way we see old friends from time to time.  Even though we do not talk every week, we have no doubt that should we need them, they will always answer our call.So, if you are starting to see Blue Jay, he is answering your call.

You may say, “I have not called on Blue Jay”.  However, you may have asked God or Great Spirit to show you what is next in your life, what is holding you back, or what your next step is.  Blue Jay wears the colour blue and the little blue crest (cap) as part of his messenger duties from Great Spirit.  Blue Jays do not have naturally blue feathers.  Rather, their blue colouring is from light refraction on their feathers.  When Blue Jay feathers are removed from the bird, they turn darkish as the light refraction no longer works.

Our Ancestors have passed down stories that say this colouring was a gift from the Gods because of the impossible tasks Blue Jay was given to do.  One of the traits associated with Blue Jay is the “Trickster” aspect of his behaviour.  Blue Jay steals – eggs and other things – destroys nests or other things, plays jokes and shape shifts.  All of these characteristics have caused the other birds and animals to shun Blue Jay.  Many humans shun him because of his harsh, noisy call, and his habit of making a mess of bird food or other things.  Yet, by these actions,  Blue Jay plays an important role in teaching everyone to take better care of what they have, to value home and family, to be discerning about what they believe, and to keep their sense of humour.

Blue Jay comes to you as a teacher.  He uses noise to distract.  Are you easily distracted by noise or commotion?  Now is the time to work at being more disciplined.  He shows you how easy it is to take away another’s power.  Yet, shunned and mostly alone, Blue Jay walks his talk (integrity) and stands in his power.  Blue is the colour associated with the throat chakra – the chakra of truth.  Regardless of how one views Blue Jay’s voice, he teaches us that when we have something to say, it does not matter how harsh it sounds if it is the truth.  Being able to stand alone and say what needs to be said is Blue Jay’s lesson in leadership.

Blue Jay comes to tell you that it is time to step into your truth, and find the resources within to acknowledge that people (governments, corporations, family, employers) have been taking advantage of you – whittling away at your nest (income and home) and that now is the time to make changes.  Just as Blue Jay shifts shape from bird to human, he tells you that you may shift to be anyone you wish to be.  The power is within you.  Blue Jay recognizes talent, and he says that you, too, have talent.  Recognize that it needs nurturing and developing, and that along with Blue Jay as a teacher, you will need to find other teachers of strength and integrity to help you cultivate the innate skills that are within you.

If Blue Jay is working with you, now is a good time to remember how connected everything is.  Blue Jay represents the blue of the skies and the oceans and the point on the horizon where they become one.  Just as the wave cannot exist on its own, Blue Jay’s feathers do not exist without the nurturing life support of Jay’s body.  He reminds you that your light cannot shine without nurturing the body and the soul, and that now is a good time to get started on your journey to live harmoniously with the Earth.

May you have nothing but blue skies!

Go in peace.