Spirit Animals – Eagle


Around the world, the Eagle is revered for its majesty, size, fierce look, and for its ability to soar so high. A sports team adopts it as a team name. Countries use it as their symbol. Shaman and warriors have worn its wings and claws to represent their power. In the Inca Tradition, the Eagle/Condor represents the Winds of the East. The prayer for the East goes,

To the winds of the East. Great eagle, condor Come to us from the place of the rising Sun Keep us under your wing. Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of. Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit. – Alberto Villoldo, PhD. published in his book – Mending the Past and Healing The Future With Soul Retrieval…

The words linking Eagle to Great Spirit give one the sense of the majesty of Eagle, and why our Ancestors believed that Eagle was a traveler between worlds. Stories are told that one may watch Eagle soar up into the sky until she disappears. At that point, she walks with Creator and the Ancestors that have gone before.

Eagle has only ever killed for need, never for greed! If Eagle appears to you, then perhaps she has a message that someone around you is using you to satisfy their greed by using you and what you know. Eagle is known for her swiftness. She counsels that what ever you need to do, you must do it swiftly. However, before striking, Eagle rides the wind up high, and scans the land to see the “big picture”. She does not ever get caught in details. Eagle is a shining example that one must look at the consequences of all actions to see how it affects a much larger plan – Great Spirit’s plan. Often humans only have thoughts for themselves and not for others.

May you live your life with the grace of Eagle!




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