This blog post is an article from the Quester Journal Spring 2010 Volume 30 No 1 Journal #90.  The writer is Joey Korn, a popular speaker and workshop leader at the Questers’ conferences. Although this was written quite a while ago, the message is still fresh and the blessing is easy to do.  It is a good time for us to remember how to do blessings for our self and for others.

This article is reprinted with the permission of the Questers Board.




By Joey Korn


Many people ask me, “What is it that you
do? What is this dowsing all about? What
does finding a place to drill a water well have
to do with being spiritual?” For me, dowsing
or “divining” is not just about finding a place to drill a well or about
finding anything in the physical world. It’s about detecting energy. It’s
about tapping into our own God-given ability to explore the unseen
world of subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us. It’s
about drawing ever closer to the Divine in our lives.

I use dowsing to validate and demonstrate that the blessing process
works. I consider the blessing process to be the most powerful Force in
the universe, and everyone has this Force at their disposal—at their
beckoned call. But we must call. We must initiate the process to use
this Force. It’s more than just recognizing the blessings we have in life
and expressing gratitude for them, though this too is important. We
must call on whatever we consider the Divine to bless us if we want to
use this Force that is ever-present in our lives.


We’re Always Changing the Energies

I help people understand what is going on energetically, behind the
scenes in life. We are always changing the subtle energies within and
around us, with every thought, action and emotion. With our negative
thoughts, actions and emotions, we’re changing the energies within and
around us to be detrimental, without even realizing that we are doing it!
When we get angry, fearful, or vengeful, we’re actually defining
frequencies of the energies that we fill and surround ourselves with.  This is what I call “negative blessings.” Not only do we do negative
blessings, but we also dwell on them, we indulge in them, and we tell
others about them. With positive thoughts, actions and emotions, we
fill and surround ourselves with beneficial, healing subtle energies.
And you can find and experience all these energies with dowsing! (I
use L-rods to detect and explore these energies.) Sadly, most of us are
doing more negative blessings than positive blessings.

Our Creator has set it up, under Universal Law, that the energies
within and around us are always reflecting us back to us, and we attract
what we focus on. This gives us a better understanding of expressions
like, “What you put out comes back to you,” or “What you sow, so shall
you reap.” By understanding that this is taking place, day in and day
out, we can take charge of the process with the blessing process.


Taking Charge of the Process

I first realized that I could use prayer and blessing to change
energies in 1996. I had been taught by other dowsers to use different
devices and techniques to block, divert or neutralize detrimental
energies—to keep them from affecting my family in our home. It
occurred to me one day that I could just say a prayer and ask the Divine
to change the detrimental energies into beneficial energies, and I could
tell that it worked immediately by dowsing before and after the
blessings. Any detrimental subtle energy that we can find with dowsing
can be made beneficial with a blessing. It’s all about

I soon learned that most of us have imbalances in our human energy
patterns, a pattern or matrix of energies connected to each one of us.  These imbalances are related to our struggles and strains in life—our
life issues and health concerns. Imbalances in our lives manifest as
imbalances in our own patterns. The imbalances in our patterns dowse
as detrimental energies, and we imprint these energies as we go through
life, especially around our beds. Our imbalances also extend out into
our homes and offices as detrimental Earth energies. A properly stated
blessing over ourselves, asking for healing and balance, immediately
changes these detrimental energies into beneficial energies, bringing  balance to our imbalances. Blessing ourselves and our loved ones also
changes the energies that we imprint and extend in our living
environments, because, again, these energies are constantly reflecting
us back to us. They’re our energetic mirrors.

The energy changes we make with blessing are not permanent; they
will change as we change. That’s why it’s important to keep blessing
yourself and those you live with. Better yet, get them to bless


Simplifying the Blessing Process

Through the years, my blessings got longer and more specific, as I
included more and more in them. I asked the Divine Forces to bless me  and/or to charge me with energy to bring healing and balance into my
life and to help me attract what I most desired in life. I also blessed
others and taught others to bless themselves.

Over time, I shared my blessings with thousands of people through
my book, in person, and through my Web site. Many had learned my
blessings and were saying them regularly, especially over themselves,
but I could often tell with dowsing that the blessings weren’t balancing
their energy patterns, and that is key. I would get them to repeat the
blessings they were saying over themselves, and invariably, they had
unknowingly changed the wording and intent of the blessings in ways
that deactivated them. I decided to simplify the blessing process so it
would be easier, not only to memorize the
blessing, but also to learn and to understand
the process.

So I broke the blessing into five basic
component parts and developed what I call
the Simple Blessing Process. The first three
components activate the blessing and define
the energies; they make the blessing work the
way we want it to. The next two are for us.  It is important for us to feel gratitude, but
God, whatever God Is, does not need our
gratitude. God needs nothing. However our
Creator desires us to activate the Forces—to co-create. Finally, closing
the blessing with something like “Amen” is an act of faith. You
acknowledge that you are turning your blessing request over to a Higher
Power by closing the blessing. So here are the five components of the
Simple Blessing Process.

1) Address the Divine in whatever way you’re comfortable with.
2) Ask to be blessed and/or charged with energy.
3) Define a purpose, which can be general or specific. I suggest both.
4) Express gratitude.
5) Close your blessing.

[Following] is an example of the Simple Blessing Process. You can
say it over yourself, over others, over objects you wear, or over
whatever you eat and drink. You can bless others remotely, and the  Simple Blessing Process will balance their energy patterns, wherever
they happen to be. You can even say it over empty space, such as
where you might spend a lot of time, or over your entire home, and
you’ll change the energies there. When you say this blessing, you are
charging yourself or whomever or whatever you bless with beneficial
energy at exactly the frequency defined by your intent.

Dear God (or however you address the Divine)
Please bless me and charge me with energy
To bring healing and balance to my complete being,
Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
* (Optional. See below)
Thank you.

*This is where you can add something specific, such as:

“Especially to help me…” resolve a particular issue, heal a condition,
or achieve a goal.


Learning and Using the Simple Blessing Process

I suggest you learn this blessing process and use it. Say it often,
with feeling. Integrate it into your throughout-each-day life. Say it
routinely, at least twice a day, such as when you wake up and when you
go to bed. Then say it again whenever you catch yourself stressing
about anything, or angry, or sad. Remember that our negative thoughts
and emotions are negative blessings and they will bring detrimental
energies into our beings and into our living environments. Let your
negative blessings be reminders to bless yourself and whomever or
whatever you’re stressing about.

Keeping your own human energy pattern balanced and beneficial
helps you make more appropriate mental and emotional responses to
your issues in life, thereby helping to resolve your issues and achieve
your goals. It also helps you feel better and heal. And it goes farther
than that.

Keeping your own energy pattern balanced and beneficial not only
helps you, but it also brings balance to the patterns of others, just by  you being in their presence. Our energy patterns connect and merge
together when we share space with others. I have found that if four
people with balanced energy patterns are in a room together, their
balanced energies will totally balance a fifth person’s pattern, as well as
detrimental Earth energies in that room, such as those related to
underground streams. With larger groups of people, if 76% of the
people, on average, balance their human energy patterns with the
Simple Blessing Process, it will automatically balance the patterns of
the other 24%, and any detrimental Earth energies in that room will also
come into balance. I’ve demonstrated this many times in talks and
workshops, and you can learn to observe and experience this for
yourself with dowsing. We truly are One.

Integrate the Simple Blessing Process into your throughout-each-day
life and you’ll see your life changing. You’ll feel better, you’ll resolve
your issues more effectively, and you’ll feel more in charge of your life.
You’ll also be helping those you live with and spend time with. Keep
blessing yourself and you’ll draw ever closer to your highest potential,
ever closer to the Divine.


Joey Korn is an internationally renowned dowser, energy worker, and author
from Augusta, Georgia. He condenses years of personal exploration into an
extraordinary system of understanding that can easily be applied to modern life.
Joey is a revolutionary explorer for today’s spiritual seeker. Learn more about
Joey’s work at
www.dowsers.com and find him on YouTube. Email Joey at