Susan Collins July 6 2024 Online Conference

July 6 Dowsing Conference

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As we approach the Summer Solstice (on June 20 this year) we can choose to thiink about how our lives are in or out of balance.We’re all doing well at some things, and not so great at others. Let’s forgive ourselves for not being perfect and nudge ourselves to actions that will help us be in balance. Get enough sleep, get enough protein, get outside to exercise, see if there’s some way to help someone, and of course dowse the things that you can’t figure out or seem impossible. Who knows what miracles you may create?July 6 I’ll be presenting on Zoom for the Canadian Society of Dowsers. Details below.Sept 21 I’m looking forward to presenting via Zoom at the Questers conference. My topic will be Reverse Aging with Dowsing. Details to come.Check out the International Dowsing Day panel recording on the Facebook page! It’s free and no preregistration is required. This year we had Raymon GraceGary BitcliffeMave Calvert and Dawn Kirkham. As usual, Grahame Gardner and I hosted.
I am honured that Nigel Twin of Tamar Dowsers wrote a review of my work with Reverse Aging. You can read it here.
Look for an article I wrote in the summer issue of the Ozark Research Institute journal.
As always, at the bottom there’s a link to my books and workshop rentalsAll for now, Susan      www.dowser.caZoom in with us on July 6 for the Canadian Society of Dowsers Dowsing and Beyond conference.I’ll be presenting Dowsing for Feng Shui and Space ClearingSee poster below for other speakers. Register hereDowsing Rental Workshops Check out the full list: hour FULL workshops rent for 30 days for CDN$25 (about US$19)1 hour MINI workshops rent for 30 days for CDN$20 (about US$15)Send me an email to set up the rental.Basement Book BargainsOrder books from my website for 25-50% off while supplies lastALL my books are now on AmazonLook for the 9 book series: The Complete Guide to DowsingEligible for free delivery with Prime in most markets.Dowsing That Works, Get Happy and Dowsing Triage are expanded versions of the print books. Orbs is in full colour.All others are the same as the print books available from through your national Amazon portal for best value email in browser
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