Tartaria or Atlantis?

There has been a number of reports of ancient structures being repurposed by modern builders. One report is that stone structures already existed in San Francisco when the American westward migration started. Now megalithic stone structures are being redated before the flood. One of the authors who spoke to this is Graham Hancock who spoke at a Questers conference in Salmon Arm 2016. In his latest book “America Before” he reported on stone circles and structures in the Amazon.

The term Tartaria being used to label these stone structures appears to have come from Russia recently.

There are two authors who were parts of expeditions to Tartaria or the Gobi Desert about the same time. Baird T. Spalding was part of a three-year British expedition from India through the Himalayas 1896 to 1899. He wrote about the journey in a series of six books “Life and Teaching of The Masters of The Far East”. In the Gobi they dug through the sand and uncovered an ancient city. Then they reburied it.

The second traveler to the same region about the same time was part of a Russian group starting in Bukhara Uzbekistan. G. I. Gurdjieff participated in digging in the Gobi sands and uncovering a city and reburying it. The travels were written in a book “Remarkable People”.

In both cases the authors report on spiritual adepts more than the archeology. Both Spalding and Gurdjieff became adepts.








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    Ronald Daack

    I do remember reading about the Masters Of The Far East years ago too. Iwas totally impressed with these books too. And if they are still in print today I would highly recommend them to everyone too.