Ten Tribal Teachings To Guide Us

Ten Tribal Teachings To Guide Us


Figure 1 – 10 Tribal Teachings To Live By from an article by Nick Polizzi of “The Sacred Science”

When we read the ten simple teachings in the poster above, it seems inconceivable that we need to be reminded, all the time, that the Earth is our Mother, and that we must care for her.  I remember listening to my Dad talk about how farmers are stewards of the land, and that the land must be treated with respect.  He said he learned that from his father.  What the memory says to me is that teachings like the “Ten Tribal Teachings to Guide Us” are to be passed down through the generations.  The guidance no longer is passed down.

The teaching that is resonating the most for me, and for many in my circles of acquaintance, is teaching number 6 – Put the good of all before your own interests.  What if the politicians and corporations and shareholders and other organizations used this idea as a guiding principle in all decisions.  Imagine how different the world will be! A common topic of conversation amongst my peers is the topic that so many people feel entitled… that their needs are primary.  It does seem, however, that the theme of entitlement has run its course, and will run down over the next five years.

Going forward, after reading this blog, take the Ten Tribal Teachings with you, and watch for the opportunities to practice one of the teachings.  If you journal, record the event of practicing the teaching and watch how it starts changing your life.


Submitted by Judith Hirst, Public Relations Committee