The Angels at Work

The Angels at Work


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Chapter 1: The Angels at Work

1.1 The Angelic Mission

In a moment of contemplation, visualize the heavens from Earth; then visualize Earth from the heavens. Who sees? How do they see? From Earth’s viewpoint, except for the sun, moon, and stars, heavenly light coming to Earth is invisible. From the viewpoint of the heavens, the Earth’s etheric field and the delicate glow of light from its inhabitants is easily visible. At the very beginning of Earth time, the guardian angels looked from their places in the heavens only to see the darkness that shrouded Earth. They did not fully appreciate the difficulties of the task that lay ahead. The guardian angels, still in their discarnate forms as light bodies in the heavens, had volunteered to be the planet’s caretakers, to bring Earth out of the darkness. Their mission was to lead Earth and its inhabitants into enlightenment.

Since the very beginning, guardian angels have been in place in the heavens. They have always stood by the Earth in service. They facilitated the arrival of light frequencies even before the descent into matter. Moreover, once living beings began arriving on the planet, they carried the responsibility of protecting and nurturing those who incarnated.

The angelic ones understood the divine wisdom and knowledge encoded upon the frequencies of light sent to Earth. Yet, they were not nearly as familiar with light frequencies that actually crossed the third dimensional threshold to descend into physical density. Did the light, which successfully made it onto the Earth, still carry the divine wisdom and knowledge it had in the heavens? The enlightened ones could not know. They were not on Earth in physical form. Their understanding of light on Earth had no foundation in experience. So, how did the heaven’s guardian angels bring light to Earth?

Angels have sent light to Earth since the beginning. They gathered it together from the far reaches of the universe, bundled it into packets, and then beamed the frequencies towards the planet. Some frequencies bounced off the Earth’s etheric magnetic field out into the void of the physical universe. Some frequencies remained suspended in the etheric field. Some of the more compatible frequencies managed to find their way onto the planet’s surface. In the beginning, the Earth’s density severely hampered the assimilation of light into physical form. Quite often, the light that could not assimilate leaked back out into the void. On the other hand, if the light remained, dense mass grounded it so effectively that it became unavailable to any other physical form. Regardless of the problem of excessive grounding, by broadcasting beams of light, the guardian angels made light available. As light anchored into physical form, Oneness very slowly took root.

-© July 2009  Excerpt from The Story Of Light: Volume 2, Heaven’s Gate by Roger Joyeux. Reprinted by permission of the author.  Roger is a light worker, healer, writer, speaker, teacher, channel and medium. He channeled Archangel Michael at the Conclave of the Mother in 1994 at Mount Shasta; and he has created light stations in Alberta. He is publishing a series of crystal courses on, and is receiving high praise for each class.