The Orgone Generators Series:  Up to The Summer of 2002

The Orgone Generators Series:  Up to The Summer of 2002

The Orgone Generators Series:  Up to The Summer of 2002


February-March 2002

The first Cloud Buster I ever saw was built by David Cowan when he was living in Blind Bay BC. My wife Joan and I went to his house to receive a diagnosis/treatment on David’s QXCI machine. David had been trained by Bob Nelson to work the complex machine and program. Everything was high magic around David and all the things he was doing.

After treatment David and I went into his backyard and he showed me the cloud buster he had built. It was one of Don Croft’s early designs with six ¾ inch diameter by six-foot-long copper pipes cast into a two-gallon resin/iron filings base. There were six double terminated quartz crystals at the base of the pipes inside the resin base. He had also poured small pieces of resin/iron filings in muffin tray molds and called them TBs for Tower Busters. David said he got all the designs off the internet and said Don Croft used dowsing to fine tune the sizes and shapes of these orgone generators.

David then rotated the pipes to point at a cloud and said that in a few minutes a hole would be carved through the cloud. In a few minutes there was a hole through the cloud a hundred yards wide. Then he duplicated the feat by rotating the cloud buster and carving another hole in a different cloud. He said he could do the same thing by gazing at a cloud. He called it the “visual ray”. He was a magician. I was intrigued.

When I got home I looked up the designs and logged onto The Cloud Busters Forum based in San Francisco.

May 2002

Neither David nor I knew how to dowse. Fortunately, Raymon Grace was teaching a weekend course for the Canadian Society of Dowsers at the Hanson Boathouse on the edge of Swan Lake. That is where David, Tyhson Banighan and I learned how to dowse. David picked up dowsing immediately. Tyhson took a few months and I took several years to get confident with a pendulum and L-Rods. Dowsing was important for me in order to catch up with these magicians.