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The World Needs Peacemakers and Healers

The World Needs Peacemakers and Healers


I cannot tell you how many times friends, family, and acquaintances have asked me if I am successful.  I am not sure what they expect me to say.  I cannot really see myself saying that I am a failure.  And, in my mind, with all the things that I have done, I am successful! 

As I thought about what success means, I had to go and look up a definition.  This comes from the site, … “a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity”.   According to this definition, there are actually two parts to success.  1) Achieving a goal and 2) becoming prosperous. 

So then I had to look up prosperity. defines this as “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune”.  This definition feeds back on being successful, but adds the concept of a thriving condition. 

My conclusion is that being successful really is asking if you are happy with your life.  And, I think that what the Dalai Lama is pointing out in the poster above is that being a peacemaker, storyteller, or whatever you choose to do makes you successful because you are wholly (holy) helping others and yourself.  To me, that is what life is about.

Many blessings.

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