Total Lunar Eclipse July 27th


The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century. (From

Alas, in Canada, we will not see the total lunar eclipse on July 27/28th.  We will, however, feel the effects of the eclipse energy. Eclipses are famous for triggering necessary changes in our lives – and often very suddenly.  So get ready to see what your destiny is calling you towards – and away from.

And, oh yes: Surprises are quite likely! Often something happens that “eclipses” – or takes precedence over – your plans. Depending on your particular karmic journey, these surprises can be tiny minor adjustments or major life changes.

Here’s some other qualities of eclipses:

  • We often discover something that has been hidden, cloaked or disguised  that can permanently change how we see a person or situation
  • Eclipses can “hurry” a decision or situation: If something has been teetering, an eclipse can force it to happen – pronto!
  • Eclipses usually involve an ending AND a beginning
  • If something ends during an eclipse, it is usually done. No going back.

Walk in Peace!